Shaila Ghule shares her story of returning to doing what she loves – Database Development

When Shaila Ghule joined us during COVID, it was the second time that she had built her professional life around what she loves. She was an Electronics engineer who chose to work as an SQL developer and started grasping the interesting opportunities that she came across during this life-defining shift into a new field.

In another life-defining moment, she embraced being a mother to her son and took a four year career break. She was completely clear throughout that she will return to work sooner than later and she started building her professional life the second time.

These are some excerpts from a chat with her:

“I took some time out to study in those four years. When I decided to get back to work, I started preparing harder. I started studying for an hour or two in the night; most of this time went into practice. I followed online courses and tried to complete assessments and assignments. I read SQL books by Brewster Knowlton and followed Youtube videos for specific topics.

Throughout this process, I learned to be patient and work hard. I also learned to manage my time in a better way to complete my day to day work along with preparing for job interviews. Meditation helped me a lot to keep myself focused and peaceful. It is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and make sure we get enough sleep to keep ourselves energetic when we are working towards a goal. I ate only fresh home cooked meals, almost everyday.

Then I joined MediaAgility during COVID! It has been very comfortable so far. The onboarding process was smooth. I am able to manage office and home quite well. Team is supportive and helpful. I have been given enough time and resources to deliver on my work commitments. 

Now, my primary technical skills are SQL development and SSIS. The work is helping me to expand my technical skills and understanding as I work on advanced and latest technologies. 

I came to know that MediaAgility has launched its Super 20 internship program for women who are trying to rebuild their careers after a break, just like me some time back. I really appreciate this good initiative. Preparing for a job after a career break requires a lot of effort and patience. Getting hands on experience of working in an organization will definitely make the preparation easy and will further be helpful after resuming the career. I wish all the women who enrol in this program all the best!”

Resume your career with a 3-month internship for women engineers returning to the workforce. Write to [email protected]