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#StayStrongIndia – Thank you for your help and solidarity

We stand in solidarity with India. As the country battles against the second wave of the pandemic, we hope to consolidate all our resources to offer support to those who are severely affected. We wish to support in whatever capacity we can. To this effort, MediaAgility seeks out all our clients, partners and the entire ecosystem to show solidarity and support.

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Recommendations for Covid supply donations

Give India 1

Support COVID-19 Hit Families

Help daily wagers put food on the plate


Help UNICEF fund essential life-saving supplies for those suffering from COVID-19

Help save lives and deliver critical supplies together with us


Support Swasth & ACT Grants to procure Oxygen concentrators for India

India is gasping for oxygen, and it needs your help!


We need your help now more than ever.


Make a difference around the world!

Direct Relief

Healthy People. Better World.


Help us strengthen the health system


Project HOPE Responding to COVID-19 Surge in India


[Urgent] Can You Please Help India Battle Its COVID-19 Crisis Today? #StayStrongIndia


AAPI requests donation – oxygen concentrators to India

Express Solidarity

Message from Rajesh Abhyankar, CEO and Co-Founder of MediaAgility
“We may feel helpless against the force of this virus but the human spirit has always found a way to rise. Time to stay strong, continue to provide help in whatever way you can. There will be a time to conduct business as usual, now is the time to support our teams, their families and all the affected communities.”

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