Swati Mehta

A Full Circle Journey: Recruiting Engineers to being a Cloud Engineer

Connecting individuals to jobs that propel their careers isn’t new to Swati Mehta. This time, she did it for herself. 

Her journey to discover herself starts at the time when she completed her Masters in Engineering. Due to some personal commitments, she opted to start her career in HR. Before making the switch, she worked in a recruitment role at MediaAgility’s People Operations team. Having fulfilled the need for top-notch engineers in our client-facing technical teams, she saw her passion for technology rekindle. Around that time MediaAgility launched 2019 Certification Reward campaign to encourage #LifelongLearning. Swati grasped the opportunity and started preparing.

Growth after 8 Months and 3 Certifications

In December 2020, she completed eight months as a Cloud Engineer at MediaAgility and had three Google Cloud certifications: Associate Cloud Engineer, Professional Cloud Architect, and Professional Security Engineer. She now takes care of Google Cloud support and has worked on a few client projects as well. 

“I was always inspired by the learning opportunities provided by MediaAgility. As I am passionate about technology, I earned certifications to pivot my career to what I love. It has boosted my confidence and I have learned a lot about the industry. Recently I got a Python project and I had never worked on Python. I learned Python in just two months and delivered the project in as much time as an experienced engineer would have. It could have been further polished, nonetheless, it was a very proud and happy moment for me,” says Swati.

When she shared her desire to switch to a technical role with a Partner at MediaAgility, she was encouraged to learn and crack the certifications.

“MediaAgility does a fantastic job at constantly encouraging Agilites to learn and grow together. It creates a healthy environment and also helps employees to remain motivated to get certified and learn the latest skills. Also, the team members and my work friends were extremely supportive and introduced me to Coursera courses, Linux Academy, and QwikLabs,” says Swati, “To all those aspiring to get into a technical role or to crack a cloud certification, I will just suggest you to evaluate how much you want to get into this field. Once you are sure about your willingness to learn, always remember why you started and keep looking for opportunities.”

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