Transform Healthcare Operations with Location Intelligence, Google Maps, and Dista

A Virtual Innovation Roundtable by Google Maps & MediaAgility

As business agility and innovation become increasingly important, location intelligence can transform healthcare into cloud workers by improving improve their operations and readiness for the new normal. Book your slot for engaging and informative discussions with location experts and empower your workers with the ability to access patient information on-the-go, whenever and from wherever they want to!

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM IST, Thursday, 1st October, 2020

“The platform [Google Cloud Platform &Google Maps] itself is very robust and scalable. And it is completely secure for us”, says Palani Subbiah, CTO, Wellness Forever

Patients and providers expect more from their technology – 


Higher service expectations from digitally-savvy patients – Providing ‘digitally intense’ patients with a superior experience can boost margins by as much as 50%.

Burnt out physicians need technology to help reduce their load –  49% of physicians report feelings of burnout – mobile devices can help to reduce paperwork by 60% and increase patient face time by 29%

Google Maps & location intelligence can help retailers achieve the following 


Sell More
Get the best out of your MRs with smart scheduling based field visit program

Engage Better
Improve outcomes from your distributors / pharmacies / doctors / HCPs with smart profiling

Deliver Faster
Enhance your first mile to the last-mile delivery ecosystem with automated delivery route optimization

Deliver Cheaper
Lower your shipment costs with fewer trucks, lesser deviations, and shorter routes

Enable location backed-by Google Maps for your business

Automate scheduling, routing, tracking

Access live field updates and insights

Visualize data points in real-time

Deepen user engagement and control

Build a more connected experience with Google Maps

Google Maps Platform is huge

The platform covers 99% of the world and sees 25 million daily updates to facilitate accurate, real-time location information. It is built on Google’s scalable, robust infrastructure to support 1 billion monthly active users.

Products for every location need

The three products cater to diverse location needs. Maps offers static and dynamic maps, and 360-degree views. Routes selects the best route for your team based on traffic. And, Places is a catalog of over 150 million places globally.

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    What you will be hearing | Agenda

    • Introduction to Google Cloud and Google Maps
    • Location intelligence for your business in COVID-19 times
    • Transform your business with Google Maps and Location Intelligence
    • Introduction to Location Intelligence platform – DISTA
    • Customer success stories
    • Q&A and networking


    Hear from the industry experts from Google Maps & MediaAgility, how Google maps, MediaAgility & Dista automates and optimizes your logistics operations with intelligent routing, smart delivery planning, geo-enabled vehicle clustering to boost business efficiency, and ensures SLA compliance, eventually delighting the customers.

    Sushant Panda


    Satyajeet Kuvelkar

    What else you’ll discover

    Dista – a location-intelligence platform on Google Maps

    Dista is a AI enabled location intelligence platform that offers cutting edge cloud-based solutions to optimize all kinds of field operations. Powered by Google Maps, Dista provides powerful capabilities such as field service management, shared mobility (ride-hailing), logistics and delivery management to quick start your business, optimize each service interaction and delight the customers.

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