Transition to a data-driven world

Gain real-time insights to make informed business decisions

Understanding your data is pivotal in differentiating yourself from competitors and responding faster to your customers.

We recommend building a custom data strategy and combining it with Google’s intelligent technology and MediaAgility’s credentialed data experts to unlock key business insights.

Strategize your data journey to


Arrive at reliable insights, faster


Make informed and impactful decisions


Respond intelligently to your customers


Enhance data and app security on Google Cloud

The right data analytics systems, tools, and technology for result-oriented actions


Modernize data warehouse

Make your data more accessible and available on a Google Cloud-based warehouse.

ML-powered marketing insights and analytics

Increase top-line, ensure ROI, & deliver unique customer personalizations.

Build an intelligent business

Take more informed decisions and actions with data-driven insights.

Client Success Story

Transforming pharmaceutical BI reporting

HealthACE worked with MediaAgility to employ a report authoring and distribution platform that provides daily intelligence reports to their customers.


Visually appealing, informative reports


Built on scalable Google Cloud



Forecasting, modeling, and predictive analytics



Fully accessible to users around the globe


Custom Cloud Migration Journey: a Quick Guide

Decode the approach, characteristics, and steps to migrate to a custom Cloud that performs your tough infrastructure jobs in the background without impeding any of your core work in the foreground.

Meet Our Data Experts


Asheesh Sharma

With about two decades of tech experience, he enjoys undertaking complex data warehousing and application integration projects.


Manish Mudgal

10+ years of experience in helping businesses optimize productivity and minimize overheads.


Arpit Agrawal

He has been helping businesses make better decisions for more than a decade with his passion for Cloud, data, and AI.

Ready to make a meaningful business impact with data?

Build an intelligent business

Data-backed operations lead to a wealth of innovative possibilities. It connects your business goals to real customer impact as you are empowered to take insights-backed decisions and result-oriented actions there-by building an intelligent enterprise.

We Offer


Playbook on Data Analytics’ best practices and checklists


Analytics strategy and roadmap workshops


Visualization and analytics best practices and guidelines


Implementation playbooks - QlikView, Looker, Tableau, and more

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Get ML-driven marketing insights with reliable customer and campaign analytics

CMOs have a lot on their plate - integrating and analyzing all marketing data to improve channel/campaign efficiency, to optimize ad spend, and to increase ROI. We back our Marketing Analytics solutions with ML and Google Cloud to simplify this complex job.

A 360-degree approach to optimize your marketing spend


Cloud foundation for cost and performance efficiency


A unified, accessible data pool on a Cloud warehouse


Custom ML model training or ready-to-use models


Insights and reports on interactive dashboards

Read to know how MediaAgility helped a leading digital marketing solutions provider achieve complete transparency and accuracy in ad delivery.