Vidushi Bhatia, CMO, MediaAgility shares a few tips for women returning to the workforce

Vidushi started working in 2008 and took a break in 2012 when she decided to focus on her family. She rejoined MediaAgility as a Marketing Manager and now she is our Chief Marketing Officer. The work-from-home veteran and the marketing guru of MediaAgility has a few tips that can help women returning to work adapt to the new beginning and the new normal of working remotely:

  • Keep looking out for opportunities and ask for what you want: “During my break, I realized that I wanted to apply my talent and skills towards a vision. MediaAgility’s vision and shared values resonated with me and I reached out to the leadership to explore flexible work options to rejoin the workforce. Opportunities like these were difficult to come by back then and I was fortunate enough to have been at the right place at the right time,” says Vidushi.

And since then, she has grown MediaAgility’s name in global markets across the US, UK, and India, all while working remotely.

  • Keep learning: She took a lot of certifications and learning courses to understand and upskill herself. She coupled that with the zest to connect proactively with team members, work in an agile way, and understand and adopt the culture and way of work at MediaAgility. 

“Be open to learning tech and soft skills. Learn from everyone around you. Contribute proactively. Don’t be afraid to ask questions while always being ready with your own solutions,“ says Vidushi.

  • Say no – often: “This is the most difficult. In the early days of my permanent work from home, I found myself drowning in endless (and perhaps meaningless) work more often than not. Switching on the laptop the moment you get out of bed or just pausing your conversation with the family and getting into meetings is easy. Do not get lured. It will kill your creativity. I usually start work very early in the morning and try not to go beyond a certain time, but if I need to extend late nights then I change my schedule and take a couple of hours off in the day to unplug,” says Vidushi.

She recommends to plan your work beforehand and see it through to completion.

  • Be kind to yourself: “My coach and CEO of MediaAgility, Rajesh once told me to be kind to myself. I follow that till date and advise my team members to do the same, very often,” adds Vidushi.


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